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Update without thinking

This week was a little bit boring, there was nothing interesting in my work to write about, no weird technical issue to investigate. Also this weekend are elections here in Argentina, so my sunday will be busy and i don’t have hopes to have a fresh idea before monday hahah. But anyway i want to write something…

The last tuesday the new version of Ubuntu (15.10) was released and because of my addiction of being on the edge of everything, i felt the need to update my OS.

Yesterday i update my current OS, but today morning i noticed a few problems and then remembered that with the previous update i end up suffering the same problems. So i have decided to make a clean installation. I have all my data on external drives, so that wasn’t a problem. But i have a bunch of tools and customization.

To avoid to configure all that again by hand, i create a script that configures all the OS like i want, applications, themes, icons, system configs, NPM packages, IDE extensiones, etc.

I put it in a Github repository so everyone can fork it and make their own.

Warning: The title is only a title, never update with out thinking!!! hahah

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