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Damn tools

After an absence, i had a hard time with housing issues and other job stuff, i’m back with an small thought.

Last week i was surfing the web and watching videos when i saw What editor do you use? - FunFunFunction #31 by mpj. In this video he talks about the IDEs, tools, etc and gives us his perspective, if you have a few minutes see it… he could leaves you thinking, like me.

BTW if you didn’t know mpj, take a look at his videos… are reaaally good

Going back… the video left me thinking. One minute after finishing the video i was like “uff the tools make my work easier… it make me more productive” But one or two hours later, i remembered last week i was coding in a nice project but, because of those problems that i mention at the begining, i was uninspired… and fooled myself creating a “deploy notification extension” because that would make my work more fast.

So then i start thinking “mpj words are not far away of my reality”, i was hiding myself behind of that extension to not work on the real project, maybe because of my no inspiration at that moment, that is a thing for another time.

Now… could this post… count as a distraction of my project..? Naaah… i’m ok with this…

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